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Do those neat free beer coupons really work?
You bet they do and here is why.

Video Blog of BDG2M Field Test
Here's a look at two Munich first-timers putting The Beer Drinker's Guide to Munich through its paces in the field. The BOGO free beer coupons is their pass to the best that the city has to offer.

New Bus Service to Kloster Andechs from Herrsching
For many years, Kloster Andechs has been served by both public and private transportation, notably in the case of the latter, Rauner Buslines. That has changed. MVV has expanded its public Bus 951 line to now offer exclusive twice-hourly rides up the hill. The good news is that your Tageskarte or similar MVV ticket covers the cost of the bus service. Here is a PDF of the Bus 951 schedule, Herrsching to Kloster Andechs and return.(Hat tip: Chugger, field research team member, for spotting this change.)

It's Baaa-ack! Donisl reopens after 3-year renovation
After a major reconstruction, Donisl, one of Munich's most traditional Wirtshauses, is back in business. Officially re-opening its doors Dec. 7, 2015, the totally refurbished restaurant-beerhall is packing them in again and serving up plenty of typical Bavarian dishes to go along with a cold Maß of Hacker-Pschorr beer. The Marienplatz became just a bit more inviting with the re-emergence of this centuries-old (opened in 1760) local inn. Here's a link to the news.

On your own and need a place to stay in Munich?
People ask us time and again where should they stay in Munich. We don't make deals with hotels in return for pushing their services. But we don't mind telling you where we choose to stay when doing research and updating The BDG2M. Our preferred pick is always Hotel Royal. We stay there because it's in a perfect location, around the corner from the Hauptbahnhof, very reasonable in their rates, and they almost always include their fabulous breakfast in the cost of their very clean and comfortable rooms. There, now you know.

Oktoberfest 2017 runs September 16 - October 3
The 183rd Oktoberfest is now in the books and it's never too early to begin planning for the 2017 version. Most hotels in Munich begin reserving bookings up to a year in advance, so a little early planning will likely pay off big time for the 184th Oktoberfest that runs from September 16 to October 3, 2017. The early reviews on the 2016 fest reveal a drop in attendance, with about 5.6 million fest-goers, and this for an Oktoberfest that was a day longer than normal. That's certainly nothing to spill one's beer over, because 5.6 million is still a lot of people. But unfortunately some rainy weather worked against any record crowds this go round. This year (2017) will hopefully make up for that. It'll be two days longer than the normal duration. You see, the Oktoberfest always ends on the first Sunday in October . . . unless the first Sunday in October falls on the first or the second. Then the fest is extended for two days or one day, respectively, in order to include a national holiday. The National Day of Unity is October 3rd each year, marking the date in 1990 when east and west Germany reunited after the fall of the Berlin Wall. So the next fest runs through Tuesday, Oct. 3. An extra two days to enjoy all that beer, music and mayhem will certainly be a welcome feature to the 2017 Oktoberfest.
(If you are looking for a private tour of Oktoberfest next year, check with these folks. They learned the ropes with previous editions of The Beer Drinker's Guide to Munich . . .

Heading into summer 2017 Munich Fests
The first of three of Munich's thrice-annual Auerdults, the Maidult, is set to begin April 29 and run to May 7. As usual, it will be held again at Mariahilfplatz and is easily reached with public transportation. Part fest, part flea market along with a sampling of carnival rides, the nine-day Aur Dult event will feature plenty of interesting items to buy, lots of beer and food and a great time to be had by all (300,000 visitors on average). It should be another terrific way to enjoy Munich's festival season, along, of course, with all those wonderful beer gardens. The summer, Jacobidult is scheduled to run July 29 to August 6 and the fall Kirchweihdult, October 20 to 28, 2017.

The annual Sommerfest in Olympiapark begins August 3 and runs until August 27, 2017. The carnival-like festival will have plenty of food stalls and thrill rides -- well maybe not thrilling but certainly enjoyable -- like bumper cars and whirlaways. The whole family is entertained at this one. The hightlight is the ferriswheel, which offers a view of the Olympic Park and the north of Munich. Flavors from around the world are on the fest menu with specialties from Asia, good ol' American-style burgers, Bavarian specialties, vegetarian dishes and other delicacies.

No more Mr. Nice Guy when it comes to Schwarzfahrers
Riding the public rails, trams, buses and subways in Munich without a ticket just got a lot more expensive. Inflation or simply a need to clamp down on scoff-laws (Schwarzfahrers or "dark riders") has caught up with MVV, the city's multi-tiered public transport system. The fine for getting caught on board without the proper Fahrkarte (ticket) is now 60 Euros, a major rise from the 40-Euro penalty in effect for many years. Again, we have no scientific method of determining this, but our subjective observation is that a Kontrol, or random check occurs about 10 percent of the time. Why risk it, since the cost is quite reasonable to begin with.

ALERT: Schlossberg Biergarten in Dachau is now closed until further notice. A sudden falling out between business partners has led to the loss of financial viability and the entire establishment was forced to close in early May 2009. Picking up the slack is the Dachauer Schloss Biergarten, just up the hill from the former Schlossberg site. This beer garden, while small, is part of the
Dachau Palace grounds.

ALERT: Im Grüntal and Unionsbrau are gone.
Locals waged a battle to save Im Grüntal as their favorite watering hole, but in the end, the lease was revoked and the restaurant and beer garden had to close their doors. Too bad, because Im Grüntal has been a local landmark for over a century and will definitely be missed.

Unionsbrau has also gone out of business, but its wirt, Ludwig Hagn, has moved on to run the Hirschau beer garden in the Englischer Garten.

Insel-Mühle Beer Garden has gone to a new schedule that could ruin the schedule of visitors who fail to heed the weather report before heading out for a visit. Better to call first.

Park Cafe Beer Garden is now reopened and better than ever after a major renovation.






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Why do we do it?
Ever wonder why we make these tremendous sacrifices and countless trips to the field to report back to you the best Munich has to offer? Well, this might help to explain it. Here's a personal report from a team member who joined with family and friends to log 166 beer garden visits, including every stop in the 4th and 5th editions of The BDG2M: Field Dispatch from Research Team Member 188.

Music to Drink Beer By -
Das Jukebox.

If you've been following along with the song sheets in The BDG2M 5th Edition but aren't sure about the tunes, well click the Das Jukebox to hear them over the Web.

Steve's Pub Crawls.
Research Team member Steve Dulieu has come up with a few corner pubs to augment the BDG2M selection of beer halls and beer gardens. Take a look at Steve's offerings in the Field Research section.

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