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Dispatches from the Field:
Family and Friends log 166 Beer Garden Visits and Counting

Kevin Ostroske in the field, at Concordia Park Biergarten
on a mission to visit every beer garden and beer hall in the
4th and 5th editions of the BDG2M.

Below, with family and friends at Insel Mü
hle Biergarten.












'More than a book, it was our lifestyle. . . '
 --One Team Member's Adventure, and Journey, with the BDG2M

Letter to Mr. Larry Hawthorne
Beer Drinkerís Guide to Munich

Dear Larry,

It has been a long, fun and fulfilling journey, one that began over five years ago in Anaheim, California. While residing there, my wife received word that her company would be relocating her and our family to Munich, Germany in a matter of months. Prior to our move, we bought a number of research books (mostly to help with the language in which we had zero training). As a gift, her father gave us the 4th edition of the Beer Drinkerís Guide to Munich.

Little did we know, while preparing for our move, how valuable the BDG2M would become. From the moment we arrived in Munich, the BDG2M (along with a map of the city) was our guide. It gave us specific destinations to go (with concise instructions on how to get there). Plus, as we ventured out into our new and strange environment, the book helped us explore further areas, locations and sites in and around the city.

As our time in Munich marched on, the many visitors we had benefited from our beer garden knowledge. We purchased the 5th edition and the BDG2M slowly became a source of a friendly competition. The ladies and gentlemen of our circle willingly participated in our quest to visit ALL the locations in the 4th and 5th editions, combined (more than 70 overall, but 57 primary listings). Last weekend, during Munichís 849th birthday, June 16, 2007, we completed our mission. After residing in Munich for 4 years and 9 months, all of the 57 primary beer gardens in both the 4th and 5th editions have been successfully visited (with the minimum requirement of having at least one beer at each place).

Sure we visited certain beer gardens more frequently than others and together with our guests we tallied some 166 beer gardens (our 57, 42 for our in-laws, 41 for Dave Bresnahan, BDG2M Research Team member and 26 for my brother-in-law and his wife). In between going to beer gardens and seeing the sights along the way, we attended the many festivals listed in your book (Dults, Oktoberfests and Frühlingsfests and even Stadtgeburtstags). We were quickly enveloped in the beer garden culture and enjoyed the Bavarian custom of combining beer, food, family and friends with fresh air.

The outdoors also gave a smoke-free environment where our child could play and meet other children. (Not to mention that our basic restaurant and ordering skills became the cornerstone of leraning the German language.)

I am writing now, on the cusp of our repatriation to the States, to say a heartfelt thank you. The BDGM was a valued and fun book. It not only showed us great places to imbibe in our adopted city of almost five years, but also gave us many lifelong memories for us and our family and friends. Some even purchased t-shirts or became Research Team members themselves. But none carry the card or wear the apparel more proudly than I do knowing that I have accomplished something that others only dream.

Thank you again for your publication about the beer gardens in Munich. It had become more than just a book to us, it was our lifestyle. To you, we raise our glass and say Prosit!!


Kevin Ostroske
Research Team Member No. 000187