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Floß Fahrt 2005 - Team Member Review

Front row L to R: Larry Tannenbaum, Joe Karr, Christina Karr; back row: Steve Lanoue, Jeff Dunn, Rod Benipayo, Joe Atkins, Scott Beesting. Photo taken by Allen Hyde. .

Beer Drinker's Guide Research Team Members break for a well-earned weekend trip down the Isar River. They call it their Annual US European Command Isar River Munich.

The rearview indicates a preference for the "Scorecard" design to at least keep track of their beer garden visits while in Munich.












About those Floß trips

The Floß season runs generally from the first of May through the middle of September, primarily on weekends. Those tempted to jump in and swim out to where the fun is can stay dry and book passage on a Floß through several companies who provide the service:

Michael Angermeier Tel. (08042)-1220/FAX (08042)-3724.

DER-Reisebüro Tel. (089)-1204236 Cost for the full day - including a lunch in a local Gasthaus during the float trip, beer, soda and snacks on the raft - is around 130 euros per person through the DER travel bureau, with bus pickup and return from the Hauptbahnhof.

The float trip is nearly 30 kilometers (about 18 miles) from Wolfratshausen to Thalkirchen in the vicinity of Hinterbrühl beer garden. The trip takes 5-6 hours and will usually begin around 9 a.m. and end at 3-4 p.m. There is usually a one-hour stop for lunch. The 22-ton raft will hold up to 60 perople, along with an Oompah band and plenty of beer. (And there is a covered unisex - knock first - porta-potty at one corner of the raft.)