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Oktoberfest Research Team Members

Our intrepid group of Research Team Members enjoying the 2005 Oktoberfest stopped by the Hofbräuhaus to prep for the Wies'n and compare a few notes from the field manual. (From left) "Einfahrt", "Chugger", and "Barleyman". More news from the field available on their blog.


Research Team Member Elmer Eddy (r-Maß raised) celebrates
the 2006 Oktoberfest.

Field Research Team Member David Vorp handles a couple of Maß that he just negotiated with a "Buy One, Get One Free" coupon from the book he holds in front. Adds a little more flavor to an afternoon at Seehaus beer garden in the Englischer Garten. His wife Allison took the photo.

Floß Fahrt 2005 - Team Member Review

Dressed to a "T" in regulation Beer Drinker's garb, the Stuttgart regional team heads down the Isar during their annual "drift and draft" trip to conduct a little team research.

Frühlingsfest 2005 - Team Member Review

Smaller crowds but plenty of fun at the annual Frühlingsfest.

Beer Drinker's Guide Research Team Member Kurt Vandenboogaard reports back from Munich on the "Mini-Oktoberfest" Spring Festival, the Auer Dult and several beer gardens:

Field Report from Kurt Vandenboogaard- April 2005 visit to Munich.
Weather was the big news in Munich with temperatures in the 60's, sunny, and no rain. The Auer Dult was in full swing with the modified Paulaner biergarten. No canopy this year, but not necessary with the good weather. At the Frühlingsfest, there were two tents; one from Paulaner and one from Augustiner. About 5K max. capacity at each tent. Augustiner was more crowded, but both tents were well occupied with good music. On Thursday night April 28, our first night, a Maß cost 5.20 Euro, down 1 Euro from 6.20, the normal price. Food prices seemed reasonable. Schweinebraten at Paulaner was 8 Euro and the two cuts were thick/ juicy with a dumpling und blaukraut.

Around supper time on Friday night, April 29, Chinesischer Turm had about 6,500 people in the biergarten. Saturday was about the same with the band playing. C-Turm has technologically upgraded their food service pavilion; it moves and is very convenient. C-Turm even upgraded the bathrooms, which I did not think was possible. I miss the old character with its associated influences.

The Augustiner Keller biergarten was our recurring spot. We pulled a full shift there prior to visiting the Frühlingsfest for the last time on Sunday night. It was beautiful with the sun beaming through the chestnut trees as everybody enjoyed Spring on a Sunday afternoon. It was very relaxing. Did not have much time for the museums or churches; priorities ya know. Your downgrade of Hofbräuhaus is appropriate.

We also visited Viktualien Markt and the Hofbräu Keller, twice. The H-B Keller has a 5 Euro menu inside the Stammtisch area, next to the main restaurant, were the locals play cards. We also sat at a cafe on Leopold Strasse in front of the Paulaner Wirthaus to drink Paulaner while watching the BMW's.

-- Kurt Vandenboogaard

Inside the Frühlingsfest.

Author encounters other Field Research Team Members at Seehaus, Englischer Garten (August 2004 research trip).

LtoR: John Fote, Jr., Chris Fote, Eliska Jezkova, Larry Hawthorne, David Fabish. (Not shown is Teresa Fabish, David's wife who took the picture.) The Fotes are from Medford, NJ. The Fabishes from Ann Arbor, MI. John and David proudly display their copies of the 4th Edition of The BDG2M.

Pub Crawls: Check out "Steve's Pub Crawls". Steve Dulieu, a long-time research associate, has provided us his own personal experiences in weaving (good word) a few small neighborhood pubs into an itinerary covering some of the best beer halls and beer gardens listed in The Beer Drinkeer's Guide to Munich. When he's not a Research Team Member, Steve is an operational manager with London Transport who knows the importance of public transportation in getting to and from the best watering holes without risking life and limb to do it. Check out Steve's picks. They augment the BDG2M rather well.

LtoR: Larry Hawthorne, Eliska Jezkova, Alan Dulieu, Steve Dulieu, at the Hofbräuhaus, during an earlier research trip.

Paulaner Bräuhaus - Team Member Review

Field Report from Keith Vozel - May 24, 2005 visit.
As a long time research associate, and owner of three of the five editions of the BDG2M, this is my first posting. Since we will be traveling to Munich once again in September for Oktoberfest, I hope we will have other field reports to follow. I had some free time and was paging through my new 5th Edition for somewhere new, and decided on Paulaner Bräuhaus. I wanted something close, since I did not have much time. A quick two stop U-Bahn journey and a 10 minute walk got me there. Larry's directions are excellent. While not one of the largest establishments, it sure was nice for several reasons:
1) great beer, 2) great atmosphere both inside and out and 3) great people. I especially like the micro-brewery style environment. Nothing better than drinking fresh beer while you can see, hear and smell the brewing taking place. I sampled the Maibock and the signature Heffe Weisen. Both outstanding. I especially liked knowing that the Heffe Weisen was being drawn directly from the "brewer's kettle". That means it was fresh. While I believe the BDG2M rates this 4 Beers, I give it 4 1/2. The small atmosphere and excellent beer make this place excel. In addition, the sweinbraten that I had for lunch was incredible. The lack of some entertainment may be the only thing keeping this place from a 5-beer rating. Check it out ! ! !
4 1/2 beers

-- Keith Vozel

(Note: Research Associates Keith Vozel, David Finlay and John Lynch have an excellent Oktoberfest Blog that's definitely worth a look.)

Team member report Kevin Ostroske: "25 and counting"
Along with family and friends, Kevin Ostroske is on a research mission to visit every beer establishment in the fourth edition and then move on to those in the fifth. Thus far, he reports from the field to have logged 25
beer gardens and is headed for more. Here's a view of a visit to Harlachinger Einkehr.


Field Report from Bill Stautner- May 23, 2005 visit.
The late morning/early afternoon visit in May 2005 to the Hirschgarten was very enjoyable, despite a brief rain shower that arrived earlier. There were approximately 50 people in the beer garden, ranging from singles to family groups. The beer was no less than wonderful ( Augustiner ), and the proximity of the self-service food area to our seating was very convenient. I can see why this establishment consistently gets a top rating.
5 beers

--Bill Stautner

Bill Stautner just getting warmed up at the Hirschgarten.