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Steve Dulieu's Recommended "Pub Crawls":

With all of these crawls I'll assume a starting point of the Haupbahnhof and that the crawlee's have purchased between them a "Partner-tageskarte Gesamtnetz" €15.00 (15 Euros or about $13.50). This allows up to five adults or 10 children under fourteen (or any combination thereof) the unrestricted use of all of München's S-bahns, U-bahns, Buses & Trams from the time of validating until 06:00 the following morning - possibly one of the best public transport bargains going. (If you're by yourself get a "Single-Tageskarte Gesamtnetz" €9.00 or about $8)

Pubs marked * are featured in the BDG2M; pubs marked ** have no indoor drinking facilities and should not be used in bad weather!

All of these crawls have been done by myself to make sure they are "do-able", it's a tough job, but hey, someone's got to do it!

                                                                   — Steve Dulieu

München Public Transport Pub Crawl One

Take an S8 (towards Pasing) to Maisach, exit the station and turn left onto Bahnhof str, crossing the road via the crossing as you exit the underpass and then right on to Haupt str, after following the road for a couple of hundred metres you will find on your right the… Maisacher Bräustüberl, brewery tap of the adjacent Maisacher brewery it has a nice big biergarten and a cosy tap room for bad weather. Have a few biers (and if peckish, try the Punten Medallions) then back to the station and get an S8 (towards München) to Lochhausen and use Larry's directions to visit… Deutsche Eiche* & Bienenheim*, for a few more biers. I suggest you visit Bienenheim first as it's easier to judge train times from Deutsche Eiche. Then back to the station and catch an S8 to Pasing, then use Larry's directions to visit… Landsberger Hof*, for more bier, then walk back towards the station, however do not turn left when you reach the road the station is in but cross the crossroads (Pasing Marienplatz) diagonally to your right to the tram stop and catch a 19 tram to Max Weber platz, then walk about 20 metres along Einstein str to visit… Unionsbrau Keller, upstairs a smart restaurant, downstairs a rollicking drinking keller. Although owned by Löwenbräu, the pub is operated as a separate entity and brews an unfilted helles of which it is justifiably proud on the premises. I can also recommend the spare-ribs. Depending on the time and your ability to stand up, you now have a choice, either catch the U-bahn from Max Weber platz back to the Hauptbahnhof and return to your hotel for a bit of a lie down, or for those of you who are still thirsty, walk around the corner from Einstein str to Innere Wiener str and visit… Hofbräu Keller*, after which, if you want still more bier your on your own! Trams 18 & 19 or U-bahn 4/5 will take you home to the Hauptbahnhof.

München Public Transport Pub Crawl Two

Catch an S6 (towards Pasing) all the way to the end of the line to Tutzing, when you exit the station use the big map on a sign board that you will find outside to identify Midgard str, it is about a 15 to 20 minute walk, when you get to Midgard str at number 3-5 you will find… Tutzinger Keller**, this place used to be called Harings Wirtschaft, it's a very pleasant biergarten right on the edge of the Starnbergersee and well worth the walk. Back to the station (there are a couple of untried Andechs pubs on the way if you get thirsty) and catch an S6 to Mühthal, then use Larry's directions to visit… Wirtshaus Obermühlthal*, drink in some bier and maybe some jazz then back to the station and take an S6 (towards München) to Stockdorf, turn left out of the station exit then walk down the hill and turn left onto Berg str, walk to the traffic lights and turn right onto Pentenried str at the end of which you will find… Kraillinger Brauerei* drink some bier and maybe a snack then turn left out of the biergarten then immediate right, across the road into Margareten str follow the road for about 200 metres until you reach… Alter Wirt, this place is mentioned in Larry's book, but until now has been closed for renovation, now re-opened under new management it has been considerably smartened up so drink some Augustiner and maybe try a Steckler-fisch then back onto Margareten str and continue walking until you reach the crossroads with Bahnhof str (you're now in Planegg) directly in front of you is… Wirtshaus Bräustüberl, small biergarten and a cosy stube, so a couple of biers then right out of the biergarten and walk up Bahnhof str. until just before Planegg station, on the right up the steps to… Gasthof Zur Eiche, another pleasant little beirgarten and friendly pub. Across the road looms the huge edifice that is… Heide Volm*, Larry has said everything that needs saying about this place, I'll just add that a fellow British drinker didn't bother to visit it as he mistook it for a distribution depot! Considering that it looks so grim, the reality comes as a nice surprise! After admiring German structural engineering at its most Teutonic cross over to Planegg station and take an S6 (towards München) to Hackerbrücke, take the exit onto the bridge and facing the Hauptbahnhof, turn left and walk down to Arnulf str, turn right onto Arnulf str and after about 20 metres you will find on your left… Augustiner Keller*, which is more than enough for one day! Tram 17 or stroll (stagger) back to the Haupbahnhof.


München Public Transport Pub Crawl Three

Before starting the crawl, here is an S-Bahn update to the map on the inside back cover of the BDG2M.

Now let's give the old tageskarte a bit of a workout… Catch a S-7 towards Ostbahnhof, make sure that the train you get on is going to either Aying or Kreustraße. Get off of the train at Aying. As you exit the station, head up the tree-lined road that leads uphill, with the sports fields on your left and the houses on your right. At the top of the hill, turn left and then follow the road as it bends to the right. Just past the blacksmiths, on your left you will find… Leibhard's Bräustüberl. This is the brewery tap of the attached Ayinger brewery, it has a biergarten with both self and table service, a small kiddie's play area and a two-roomed pub. At weekends it can get pretty crowded as half of München visit their "country brewery" but I've always managed to get a seat. After a few biers, it's retrace your steps to the station, but just before you get there, you will find on your right… Kastienhof. A very useful pub (right by the station and therefore easy to judge train times) and small biergarten. The food side of the operation specialises in Greek food, just the thing if you can't face another lump of pig and a couple of dumplings! So a couple of stuffed vine leaves washed down with some Ayinger bier then over to the station to catch a S-7 toward München.

Get off the train at Neubiberg. Walk down the station approach and turn right onto Haupt-str, then turn left onto Wittelsbach-str and finally right onto Schneewittchen-str. At the end of the road in front of you, you will find… Leiberheim*. A word about Lieberheim opening times, in fine weather during the summer months, the times given in Larry's book are correct, however, in inclement weather and during the winter months, the pub doesn't open until 4 p.m. and is closed on Mondays. So, a few biers then retrace your steps toward the station, perhaps stopping off for refreshments at… Die 2. A pub and small biergarten catering to the younger drinker and as such doesn't open until 5 p.m. A quick bier and then back to the station and catch a S-7 toward München. Get off at Perlach and follow Larry's directions to visit… Forschungsbrauerei*. A few biers, then return to the station via the road, not the walking path and opposite the corner of Stephenson-pltz & Schnecke-str you will find a nice pub with several outdoor drinking tables however I'm afraid that I cannot remember its name (it had been a long day, the battery on my Palm had died and I'd had the odd sherbet). Anyway, check it out then back to the station and catch an S-7 toward München. At Giesing, change onto the U-Bahn and take any train in the direction of the Hauptbahnhof. Get off at Sendlinger Tor and use Larry's directions to visit… Altes Hackerhaus*. A couple more biers (go for the central biergarten, in winter a giant canvas canopy and several space heaters allow for alfresco drinking in sub-zero temperatures!) then retrace your steps to Sendlinger Tor and take a U-3 or U-6 away from Marienplatz, one stop to Goetheplatz. Exit the station onto Häberl-str and walk to the end of the road onto Kapuzinerplatz, there you will find… Paulaner Bräuhaus. As the name suggests, the pub is owned by the Paulaner brewery (I'm led to believe it's actually the old Thomasbräu building), but operated as an independent brew-pub specializing in Weißbier. It has a medium sized biergarten with both self and table service and a huge multi-roomed pub with the two highly polished, but still used brewing coppers proudly on display behind the bar. This also is one of the few places in München with high tables for those who prefer to do their drinking standing up. When the standing up starts to get a bit difficult, right outside the pub in Häberl-str, you will find a bus stop, from where the number 58 bus will take you back to the Hauptbahnhof.

München Public Transport Pub Crawl Four

Train & Boats & Bier - Today we're going for a boat ride on the Ammersee and so I'm going to suggest a different ticket to the normal partner tageskarte. The return steamer fare across the lake to Utting is €16.80, which along with the partner tageskarte rate of €15 would be a total of €31.80. However, any MVV ticket agent will sell you a "Weiß-blaue Kombikarte" for €29.50. This has the same validity on MVV services as a partner tageskarte as well as a day's use of all the steamers on both the Ammersee and Starnbergersee and is good for 2 adults, 3 children & a dog. Because of the fairly limited timetable of the lake steamers, I've put some timing on this one, for full lake steamer timetable info visit Bit of an early start I'm afraid. Take the 09:40 S5 to Herrsching, turn right out of the station & right at the end of the road, walk down to the lake. Here you will find... Seehof, a fine biergarten right on the edge of the Ammersee. However pass by for the moment, as we'll be back here later and head for the steamer landing stage. From there catch the 10:30 lake steamer to Utting, the trip takes about 30 mins. Note: The train arrives at Herrsching at 10:25 and it takes at least 4 minutes to walk to the landing stage! Those of you who don't want to cut it quite so fine should take the 09:20 S5 from München. When you get to Utting, walk to the end of the landing stage & turn right, walk along in front of the cafe and sailing school andonto Seestraße. Follow this road around to the left and then sharp right until you reach No. 35 where you will find... Alte Villa**. A large very shady biergarten selling bier only by the maß so bring a thirst. It's separated from the lake by a reed bed and has its own duck pond and a small stream running through it. In good weather a jazz band plays on an elevated stage overlooking the pond. If you visit on a Sunday, this biergarten gets very busy, and best to get there early to be assured of a seat! After you've had your fill of bier & hot jazz, return to the landing stage to catch the 14:01 steamer back to Herrsching, then feed the ducks for 20 minutes or so before catching the 14:56 Raner Line bus to Andechs from the stop about 5 meters back from the lake towards the bahnhof to Erling & walk up the hill to visit... Kloster Andechs*. No need for me to add anything to what Larry has already said, this is one of the best bierkellers around. After a few Andechers, walk back to the bus stop and catch the 17:50 bus back to Herrsching, get off at the stop by the landing stage and visit... Seehof. A few biers, then stroll back to the bahnhof for the S5 (every 20 minutes at 10, 30 & 50 past each hour) to Laim. Then follow Larry's directions to Hirschgartenallee & visit... Hirschgarten. Share a few brews with the deer then leave via the main entrance, not the way you came in, and walk up Gunther Straße to Romanplatz where you can catch a number 17 tram back to the Hauptbahnhof. (You also have the chance to jump off the tram at the Augustiner Keller at Hopf str. if you're still thirsty!)