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Fill in the blanks and fall into the ranks. Pay the $5 mailing and handling fee through Paypal here and then submit your name below for inclusion in the Beer Drinker's Guide to Munich Field Research Team. If you are intending to purchase a book or T-shirt from The Beer Drinker's Store, don't bother to pay the $5 fee, it's free and will be sent to you along with your order. Your laminated card will introduce you in German so you'll always get the cooperation and courtesy you deserve while you work long hours to check out Munich's beer halls and beer gardens. Field Research Associates continue to tell us that when they show the card to their server in Munich's beer halls and beer gardens they are afforded special treatment and courtesies they had not expected. Carrying and showing the card will make your Munich experience that much more enjoyable. We'll be happy to include your name on our roster and your e-mail address as well. We will not use your address for anything other than to send you your card. So, come on, join up and be a team player, yeah!


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