Beer Drinkers Wanted!
for Field Research

This is it gang, the job that has to be done, but you were wondering when someone was finally going to ask you to help do it. Now is your chance. Join our Beer Drinker's Guide to Munich Field Research Team. Become a card-carrying member by applying below. Pay the $5 mailing and handling fee (waived with any purchase of a book or T-shirt from the Beer Drinker's Store) and we'll send you a laminated ID card as fast as we can. It qualifies you to be listed in our rollcall of field research team members, and if you wish, your e-mail address as well. As a team member, you're eligible to send us a quick review of some of your more notable Munich beer hall or beer garden finds and we'll add selected comments with your attribution if you like to our Field Team Reviews section where others will be able to learn from your experiences -- the good and maybe even the bad. So, join us, get a uniform (T-shirt, beer mug) as well from our Beer Drinkers Store selection and head for the trenches -- the beer halls and beer gardens of Munich. We know, we know: Field research is hell, but somebody's got to do it. Why not you?

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