Dachauer Schloß Biergarten,


two and a half beer rating
Beer: Hofbrau
Hours: 10 a.m. to 11 p.m. if the weather is good. Closed Monday.
Seating: 250 in beer garden.

Schloß Straße 2
85221 Dachau
(08131) 2799278



Dachauer Schloss Beer Garden
The Dachauer Schloß beer garden in Dachau.

Tip: Concentration Camp Memorial. From Dachau S-Bahn station take bus 726 to the Concentration Camp. Get off at KZ-Gedenkstatte Haupteingang (main entrance). Museum hours are daily, 9 a.m.-5 p.m. English documentary film 11:30 a.m. and 3:30 p.m.


What could be more incongruous than a traditional Bavarian beer garden in the middle of a town whose name evokes one of the most terrible periods in German history? In fairness, though, Dachau the town has little to do with Dachau the concentration camp. Also, it has much to be proud of in its long history and in -- for our purposes -- Dachauer Schloß Biergarten at the top of the hill, on the Dachau Palace grounds. This small almost make-shift beer garden has taken up the slack created by the closing several years ago of Zieglerkeller Bräustüberl slightly down the hill. This beer garden is in the center of town and far removed from the concentration camp. The camp (abbreviated "KZ" in German) was originally an abandoned munitions plant well outside of town before the Nazis stole the name in 1933 of a nearby village that had been around since medieval times. If years were pages, the history of this Bavarian town would be a thick 1200-page tome. Yet a thin 12-page subchapter is all the world knows -- or cares to understand -- about Dachau. They don't know it was once an art colony that attracted poets, authors and painters from around Europe. Ludwig Thoma, the famous German author, once lived and wrote here. Fewer still know that when Hitler was elected chancellor in 1933 it was without the help of a majority vote from the electorate of Dachau. The fact is, life goes on for the 34,000 citizens of Dachau, some 80 percent of whom weren't even alive when the concentration camp was operating. Today, the KZ is a memorial that all should visit, so the world will always remember and never forget what terrible deeds were done in Dachau's name and against her will. Then visit the Dachau city center, walk through the old town, the art museum, and stroll up the hill to the Schloß (palace). And while you're there take a break and visit the beer garden. Maybe even aise a beer and say a toast, and a prayer, for the future.