Sankt Emmerams


Beer: Spaten Bräu

Hours: 11 a.m. to 11:30 p.m.
Seating: 1200 in beer garden, 150 in restaurant

Sankt Emmerams Straße 41
81925 Munich
(089) 953971


The beer garden at Sankt Emmerams.

Sankt Emmerams Mühle is one of our 5-beer-rated beer gardens. Seldom found in any list of must-see Munich beer gardens, Sankt Emmerams is nevertheless a local favorite and the destination of choice of a long list of well-known celebrities from the film world and international politics. Still, it maintains a very democratic, populist feel to go along with the country atmosphere of the recently expanded beer garden. Although the business changed hands recently, the high quality of service, food and beer has been maintained. Finding a seat on weekends has always been a problem, but a new area toward the back of the beer garden, adjacent to the old mill itself, makes this less of a problem than before. We're happy to add Sankt Emmerams Mühle as a participant in the Prosit! Free-Beer offer as well, adding just one more major reason to visit this bucolic beer garden.