Beer: Paulaner House-Brewed
Hours: 10 a.m. to
1 a.m. Daily
Seating: 1200

Kapuzinerplatz 5
80337 Munich
(089) 544110; FAX (089) 54461118


Brewmaster Thorsten Knöfel (front) and Assistant Wirt Ralf Sankt Johanser inspect the latest batch of brew in the Sudanlage, copper fermenting vessel.
Paulaner Brähaus is one of surprisingly few brew-pubs found in Munich. Although it is of relatively recent vintage -- established within the past two decades -- it has a history that reaches back to the golden age of Munich brewing. In 1889 two brewing brothers, Eugen and Ludwig Thomas, began hand-crafting beers on this site. They opened the doors to what was then called Zum Thomasbräu and began offering a pale lager that was way ahead of its time. The beer the Thomas Brothers introduced revolutionized the brewing industry and literally altered the tastes of the beer-drinking public. The tradition lives on, and local brew masters at Paulaner Brähaus today serve up several styles of home-brewed beers, including a Pils, Dunkles and even a light wheat beer. The interior includes an inviting, spacious pub made for drinking brew and an outdoor beer garden as well. It gets a strong 4-beer rating..