& Heide Volm, Alter Wirt


Beer: Kraillinger: Herrnbräu (Inglostadt)
Heide Volm: Hacker-Pschorr
Alter Wirt: Augustiner

Hours: Kraillingerbrauerei:
11 a.m. to 1 a.m. daily.
Heide Volm: 10 a.m. to 12 Midnight.
Seating: Kraillinger: 2800 beer garden; 500 restaurant
Heide Volm: 1400
Alter Wirt: 700

Margareten Straße 59
82152 Krailling
(089) 8571718; FAX (089) 8577848

Heide Volm
Bahnhof Straße 51
82152 Planegg
(808) 8572029

Alter Wirt
Bahnhof Straße 51
82152 Planegg
(808) 8572029


Kraillinger Brauerei beer garden.

Heide Volm, next to the train station.

Alter Wirt, under new management.

Kraillingerbrauerei is a more recent discovery of ours. It has also given us a reason (maybe an excuse) to include Heide Volm, a nearby beer garden in Planegg, as a practical stop-off at the Planegg S-bahn arrival point. Heide Volm is worth a quick beer, then move on to Kraillingerbrauerei just down the road. Kraillinger's management has really put this place on the map. The beer garden is excellent, with occasional special music programs and a combination of self-service and restaurant service food outlets. The seating has been expanded to 2800, making it one of Munich's larger beer gardens. Most of the tables are of the permanently fixed, wooden variety, which is preferable to the metal and wood collapsible type seen in most beer gardens. We really like this place and recommend it as an above-average, traditional Bavarian beer garden with a lot of shade and country atmosphere. It (and Heide Volm included) gets 4 beers.

Note: Alter Wirt, about a block away from Kraillingerbrauerei has recently reopened under new management and is now a worthy watering hole in its own right. The fact that it offers Augustiner on tap is an added plus. We think it adds up to a three-pack of beer-drinking enjoyment.