Beer: Hofbräu
Hours: 9 a.m.
to 12 midnight
Seating: 2700

Am Platzl 9
80331 Munich
(089) 221676; FAX (089) 227586


The 'Meister' (above) gets his 15 minutes of musical fame in the Hofbräuhaus. The band (below) gets up close and personal with the guests at HB.

Hofbräuhaus is the most famous beerhall in the world. It's often the reason visitors come to Munich in the first place. We like it because it's fun, not because it's famous. For those who believe that an electrifying experience in such a traditional edifice is grounds for immortality and fame, then welcome to our side of the fence. But success can still spoil even the best beer hall in the beer city and Hofbräuhaus is getting just a little too big for its leather britches. The service at HB leaves a lot to be desired, although we've certainly done our part to point this out to management. Hope they are listening and we look for improvements. Meanwhile, there is still 4 1/2 beers worth of fun left for all to enjoy and we strongly recommend that you do just that. Go there, put up with the service -- count your change as well -- and get into the flow. We promise it will be one of the wild-and-craziest evenings you'll spend in Munich. Hopefully a little more consideration given to customers in the future will put Hofbräuhaus back up to the 5-beer status it belongs, but just doesn't seem to care much about any more.

Stateside Alternatives to Hofbräuhaus Munich.
Can't make it across the pond to enjoy the real thing? Well, luckily there are a few stateside venues that offer a reasonable facsimile to the house that made Munich famous. Several are actually laid out in the style of the original and all are affiliated with the mothership restaurant and beerhall in Munich:

Hofbräuhaus Restaurants:
200 E. Third Street, Newport, KY 41071
(859) 491-7200
4510 Paradise Road, Las Vegas, NV 89169
(702) 853-2337
2705 Water Street, Pittsburgh, PA 15203
(412) 224-2328
5500 Park Place, Rosemont (Chicago), IL 60018
(847) 671-2739
1550 Chester Ave., Cleveland, OH 44114
(216) 621-2337
800 Goodale Blvd., Columbus, OH 43212
(614) 294-2437

Note: Frontdoor neighbors - Am Platzl, just outside the front door of Hofbräuhaus is now Ayinger again. The Planet Hollywood is now a Hard Rock Cafe, if that makes any difference. Also nearby is Augustiner am Platzl, a pretty good restaurant featuring Munich's favorite beer.