Beer: Hofbräu
Hours: Daily to Midnight; Mon-Thu from 4 p.m.
Fri-Sat from 2 p.m., Sun & Hol from 11 a.m.
Seating: 1500 Beer Garden, 380 Restaurant,

Hartmannshofer Straße 20
80997 Munich
(089) 1495607; FAX (089) 1404720


Pheasantly pleasantries at Fasanerie.

TiP: A good idea might be to include Fasanerie with a Tram 17 tour of three more beer gardens: Augustiner Keller, Hirschgarten, and Zur Schwaige. The 7th edition of The BDG2M has outlined a convenient route that includes them all without having to transfer to any other means of transportation.

Fasanerie got its name from -- of all things-- pheasants. The bird of choice for the local gentleman sportsman of choice (motto: "we'll look for them, we just won't chase them") pheasants were bagged by the thousands in this area by royal huntsmen of long ago. And, of course, a steady resupply of the ephemeral fowl was insured with pheasant factories or Fasaneries as this place once was. Of historical note was that Fasanerie at least rated high enough through the eons to have been plundered by the Austrians in 1742, burnt to the ground by the French in 1797 and then rebuilt by the Germans in 1806. This is an excellent beer garden that often features live jazz bands on Sunday afternoons. It gets 4 beers.