Beer: Augustiner Edolstoff

Hours: 9 a.m. to Midnight Daily.
Seating: 1750

Neuhauser Stra▀e 16
80331 Munich
(089) 2604106; FAX: (089) 2605379

Streetside beer-drinking at Augustiner

Augustiner Gro▀gaststätte is one of the more traditional Munich establishments, with a history that reaches back to 1328. The Augustin Brothers began brewing something heavenly in Augustiner's back rooms up until 1855 when the actual brewing plant was moved to Landsberger Stra▀e. Today Augustiner Gro▀gaststätte is a traditional beer hall with a small courtyard beer garden, smack dab in the middle of Munich's Marienplatz pedestrian zone. The food is great and the beer is the best. Since the restaurant is at least as busy as the beer garden, there is also the option of half-liters for those who choose not to jump in with both feet at once. No self-service is allowed so you'll have to depend on the hired help, which frankly leaves a lot to be desired. Still, the gemütlichkeit index is high here, in one of Munich's most famous living historical monuments. Augustiner Gro▀gaststätte is heavy on tradition that earns it a 4-beer rating.