Use all seven coupons (you save about $60) and you've paid for the book several times over and had a wunderbar experience in Munich enjoying the best beer at the best beer gardens.


Oh, words that play music to the ears of Munich suds for lunch bunch members. The seventh edition of The Beer Drinker's Guide to Munich has a special offer thanks to our top-rated "5-Beer Club" members. Seven of Munich's best beer gardens have agreed to extend a special "Prosit!" buy-one-get-one-free liter-mug (or smaller) deal. It means this edition of the BDG2M literally pays for itself where it counts most: free beer while you use the book at the best watering holes on the planet.

The easy tear-out coupons in the back of the book are good for either a liter mug of beer or a soft drink anytime participating beer gardens are open. You only need show a copy of the BDG2M 7th edition at the time of ordering and present the waiter or waitress a coupon to obtain the discount. The Prosit! free-beer offer was restricted to the 5-beer club members only. These are the beer halls or beer gardens that have been deemed the very best in BDG2M's 10-point rating system. The rating scheme -- in "half-beer" increments -- found only 11 beer gardens qualified in the 7th edition. Seven of those have have joined the special free-beer offer as their way of saying "Willkomen" and thanks for the special recognition this honor represents. The seven beer gardens participating are:

  1. Bräustüberl Tegernsee
  2. Bavariapark
  3. Brückenwirt
  4. Menterschwaige
  5. Sankt Emmerams Mühle
  6. Seehaus (Englischer Garten)
  7. Waldwirtschaft Großhesselohe