Sommerfest - In Olympiapark

Sommerfest. The Sommerfest (Summer Festival) in the Olympiapark is set for
August 3-August 27, 2017
. In only a few years since its inception, the Sommerfest has grown quickly in popularity. Sited on the Coubertin-Platz, the Sommerfest schedule of events creates an Oktoberfest atmosphere, complete with beer tents that stay open until 10 pm. The stage in the Bierzelt or Beer Tent stays busy every evening and all day on the weekends with Blasmusik and plenty of Bavarian Oom-pah tradition. In the Theatron, a small open-air theater on the Olympic Lake, fest visitors are treated to Munich's musical offering of rock and jazz. There are even puppet shows for the kiddies in the afternoon and big fireworks shows scheduled for Thursday evenings at 10 p.m.. (Additional information call in Munich:: Olympiapark, Tel 089 / 30672414. Fax 89 / 30672222)

Getting there:
Take U-3 to the end of the line, Olympiazentrum. At one end of the parking lot is Lillian-Board-Weg. Take it, walking over the highway to Coubertinplatz.
Nearby beer gardens are Zur Geyerwally and Taxisgarten.

The 2017 Sommerfest scheduled for Aug. 3-Aug. 27.

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The Sommerfest is relatively new to Munich, but it's an annual event that offers yet another Oktoberfest-style experience (a lot smaller in scale of course) with plenty of beer, music, and stomach-churning thrill rides.

Theatron on Olympic Lake

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