Auer Dults - Three seasonal fests
that invite the unexpected

Auer Dults. There are three of them: spring, summer and fall. They are always on the grounds of Mariahilf Church. They've best been described as half flea-market, half beer fest, and always with a touch of the unexpected. There is a garage sale atmosphere here and the diversity of new and second-hand wares is a special treat for those who enjoy a combination shopping spree and scavenger hunt.

The Auer Dult tradition itself actually predates the Oktoberfest. For more than 600 years there have been three of these fests, spring, summer and fall.. The "Dult", a colloquial root from the original Latin word indultum (indulgence), consists of row after row of booths filled with everything from rare, antique books to hand-painted ceramic figurines, to old Munich memorabilia, to plain-but-useful pots and pans. Naturally, there are plenty of carnival rides, a beer tent, and lots of fast-food stands.

Upcoming Auer Dults:

Spring: April 29 - May 7
Summer: July 29 - August 6
Fall: October 20-28

Spring: April 28 - May 6
Summer: July 28 - August 5
Fall: October 19-27

The Auer Dults are always staged at Mariahilfplatz, accessible with Tram 27 or Buslines 52 or 56.

The Auer Dult around 1910. The three seasonal events
have been staged in the shadow of Mariahilf Church since 1905.

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